What to Wear at Your Photo Shoot DSC_9859-1 One of the first questions I’m asked by clients is ‘What should I wear and avoid wearing at my photo shoot?’.  People naturally want to get the best pictures and the following tips will help you and your family prepare for the shoot. 1. Be Yourself! Before we look at how to coordinate colours and patterns, it’s important to say upfront that you need to be comfortable and authentic in your outfit choices.  Forcing yourself to wear an outfit that you a) can’t move in or b) is too short, tight or formal, will only make you feel uncomfortable during your photo shoot. My Husband is more of a shorts and t-shirt man, and my favourite family pictures are the ones where I’ve captured a special moment with him and the kids when out and about in everyday clothes. Of course, you want your pictures to be fantastic and may want to dress up more than usual.  There are a few things you can consider when picking your outfits which will help you decide what to wear…

2. Colours, Patterns and Accessories

Family, Couple, Engagement or Child Photo Shoots – where there’s more than one person, it’s important that you coordinate without matching (unless you’re trying to achieve this look).  I suggest choosing 3 or 4 different colours that you like and that compliment each other. Use these colours to mix and match your outfits and accessories. Here’s a few different colour combinations for inspiration: Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.54.59 am People are often afraid of bold patterns and bright colours and worry they’ll be overpowering in pictures.  The truth is, bright colours and patters look beautiful providing they suit you and don’t clash.  So if you decide to wear a patterned dress or top, get your partner to wear plain clothes in colours that compliment your outfit.  The same goes for children, you might dress one in a plain button down shirt and jeans and the other in a colourful striped dress for example. DSC_7481-1   Accessories are perfect for enhancing photographs, as they add interest and help tell ‘your story’.  Whether its clothing accessories like scarves ,glasses and jewellery or props like bubbles, chalk boards and teddy bears, it just adds a little fun to the pictures and makes them unique.  I have a whole range of props that I can bring along and will discuss options with you before your shoot.

3. Location, Location, Location

Going back to point 1 (be yourself), it’s good to think about your location and make sure you’re dressed for the environment.  So if you’re on the beach, wearing heels is probably not the best option, unless it’s your Wedding day!  Also avoid dressing your children head to toe in white if you’re planning an outdoors woodland shoot, as they’re bound to get dirty! Consider how warm or cold it may be on the day, and take layers like cardigans and hats (if needed) that can be added or removed during the shoot. I’m always happy for clients to bring a change of clothes if you want different styles of pictures, again just let me know before the day.

4. Newborn or Young Baby Shoots

When your baby is under 3 months old, I always recommend holding the photo shoot at your home.  I have beautiful blankets, wraps, baskets, chalk boards and other props that I can bring on the day, or we can stick to completely natural pictures of your baby. You don’t need a studio or show home to get wonderful pictures of your little ones.  I can pretty much work in any environment, providing there is good natural light and a little bit of space.  Pictures of your baby can be taken on a bed or floor and I have a baby bean bag to rest your little one on if needed. I always suggest getting out any special toys, blankets, clothes or shoes that you’d like photographed, as these are nice to look back on in years to come.  Here’s a few shots from my last two baby sessions as examples:

5. Appreciate the ‘Perfect’ in the ‘Imperfect’.

As a Mum of two, I know how fast children grow and I treasure the pictures I have to look back on.  They remind me of all the wonderful times we have together as a family, and bring a smile to my face or tear to my eye.  My favourite pictures are actually not the ‘perfect’ ones, but the pictures that show my children (or other people’s Children) as they are, running around, getting dirty and having fun.  There’s often just something about an expression that I love and I can’t help but edit the picture. So if you have a photo shoot with me, you’ll often find a picture of two that wouldn’t necessarily be your first pick for a large canvas, but will definitely bring a smile to your face, because it shows your kids being ‘themselves’ dirt and all.  So if those pretty outfits you spent hours deliberating over end up covered in mud, don’t worry, we’ll still get some amazing, authentic pictures along the way!

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